I want Javascript in WordPress.com

If you agree just vote.

Vote with a comment that says “vote”.

If you want to express any additional frustration, feel free. If not just send a “vote”.

I would like that wordpress.com boys understand that blogosphere is running and they are pacefully walking.

WordPress.com is great! but we need more, we need javascript, or al least a large portfolio of plugins.

As my little compensation if you give me your url I will publish it.


Just join the initiative.


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8 Responses to “I want Javascript in WordPress.com”

  1. mostafa farghaly Says:


  2. tarari Says:


    I certainly agree, I would like to use googleads and other cool stuff

  3. mostafa farghaly Says:

    iam very angry because i can’t add my google Adsense

  4. Douglas Says:

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    We also think JavaScript would be useful, but it is something we have to tread carefully with. JavaScript, while powerful, presents a plethora of potential security and performance issues. We’re constantly adding specialized support for certain products and features, but full out JavaScript would likely cause a whole host of problems for users.

    WordPress.com Support

  5. masadaslam Says:


  6. anonymous Says:


  7. dcarhuancho Says:


  8. Barry Houldsworth Says:


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